Adding 2DFilters in the BGE

I recieve a request in my youtube channel to make a video showing off how to add Filter 2D in the BGE, although this kind of stuff might sound a bit easy for many people, maybe is not for newcomer people.

On the video you will see that I usually copy the “filter 2d” code from a txt file and then I paste to a text file in the blender text editor, then add a proper name and that’s it, you have a 2d filter, unassigned but you have it there. And of course you can add it from the File/open menu in the same text editor if you already have it as a txt file in your hard drive.

Here is a sample Filter 2D you can use, in case you don’t have one.

If need some more 2d Filters, look for it in the blenderartist forums, or get ir from this sample file

Once getting this file, you can get the 2d filters by opening the file and going to the text editor and copy the code, or by merging them / append into your blend file.

And do not forget the default filters there!


Hope it helps!

Enemy Patrol with Logic Bricks – Blender

Here is a simple example I did to teach some college internship students at work, it was meant to teach them the basis regarding logic bricks and the state machine in blender in a very basic way.

Blend file here

This example was done with three (invisible) points, that represents the red area, wich is protected by “the red enemy“, and if you “the blue player” get into the red area, the enemy will face you and chase you, and if get too close to you (in the red player’s sight area) then it will shoot you, even if you are no longer in the red area…so, very simple, but enough for the newcomers.

And here is the  “game test” that one of them did at the end of the course.


Not the nicest video capture (it was recorded with my smartphone ..) but that was one of the students result :)


FPS template mini tutorial – Blender

This is a small tutorial for the people who are new to the Blender game engine but willing to learn the basis in the BGE. Here you will see how to set-up your First Person Shooter template using logic bricks in blender, wich means no coding.

I'm assuming you already known some blender basis, like object transformation (move, rotate, scale), etc.

Be aware that at this moment the actuator has some issues regarding screen resolution, this cause some malfunction with movements in “X” axis on screen, so at this time I thinks is not very usable.

I’ve wrote about this here.

Grab the blend file here

You can find a more elaborated explanation here,  and another example clicking here.

Feel free to comment if you need to :) FPSMTB

FPS Template – blend file download

Some people have asked me about the FPS test I did some time ago (that was some weeks ago, sorry for that!) so, here is it.

This is the blend test I did, in case you missed it:

And the blend file is here

Please take into account that the mouse actuator (look mode) has a bug that makes it behave a little weird at high resolution or when compiled. So, I use to execute the game test inside blender, but not in full screen (I mean, not in viewport maximized) in order to work properly.

And sorry for the mess, it was intended to be only a mouse actuator test.

The other scene contains the billboard planes that act like mist, as a overlay scene, so this way I avoid the overlapping look with the plane-objects. Maybe with a python script would work better, but again, it was just a test.

To see how it works just look arround, and for the 2DFilters and scene overlay, select the object “ammo&clip” (that red rectangle background area where are the ammo, clip and grenades -yep, it is a mess, shame on me..) to see the logic brinks that manage that.

Thanks!, hope you find this useful.


Reviewing Mouse Actuator in Blender


If you are a Blender Game Engine (BGE) enthusiast, you may have noticed in the past releases the inclusion of the new Look mode in  the “Mouse Actuator“. This new mode is going to be really useful if you are new to python coding and need a way to create your own FPS template,just like the classic Quake or DOOM camera style template without code, just by linking some logic bricks. Continue reading Reviewing Mouse Actuator in Blender

Fake God Rays – Blender

i’ve used a shader made by Martinsh he used for volumetric lights in a demo file he did some years ago ( blender 2.49b ), but still works in the actual versions of blender, because it works with the node editor, anyway.. I thought it could work out like god rays in my FPS demo, and I think it looks  nice..

I was planning to put the FPS demo file here, but I’m still tweaking it to improve the frame rate. Oh! btw, if you are wondering what kind of 2dFilters I’ve used in this demo, well.. they are just the same I always use (Distance blur, bloom, and others) and you can get it here or here.

Here some pictures showing off the fake “god rays”, it’s an animated gif, it may take awhile to load..!


And here a video:

And that’s all :) thank you for stepping by in my blog :)

P.D: In case you don’t know what is a “god ray” check out this Wikipedia article.


FPS shooter demo

FPS shooter demo made with the new “mouse actuator” logic brick in the blender game engine.

Nothing too fancy, just a small demo (it took me a day from start to finish) to test the new actuator, wich is really easy to use! and when finished with the template, I started some kind of level, first with a single color texture, then with a texture I use in the game level used in the blender player for android. After that I decided to add some kind of environment like a futuristic factory (?.. sort of) with some moving mist and lights, and as a matter of fact I had an idea to avoid the common problem with billboards, as you can see in the image below (first image with nice billboards, and then with bad billboards.


And the result is in the video below:

Blend file here, in case of what you saw could be useful to you.

MindTex Review

It’s been a while since I bought my MindTex license (it was in 9/6/12), so this time I’m going to talk about this cheap and useful application.

Here is the original overview from the web pageMindTexReviewIcon

MindTex is a normal map generation utility for game developers and 3D professionals alike. Built to rival the competition in quality without the steep price, whether you want to generate a normal, height, specular, self-illumination, or occlusion map, you can easily do it in seconds flat from a single source texture with MindTex. 

Integrating MindTex into your 3D content pipeline will save you substantial amounts of time, money, and effort, allowing you to focus on what is really important: building immersive worlds and making your ideas a reality.

Here is the original MindTex video demonstration:

Continue reading MindTex Review

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