Decompiling a executable blender file – BGE

What I mean with this is regarding the Blender Game Engine. So, have you ever needed to decompile or extract the blend file from a exe file? maybe you need to decompile an old executable blender game you did some time ago, to extract some models, textures or any other thing you need.

Some years ago I found in the blender artist forums a python script to decompile blender executables, the only thing you need to use the script is obviously the python installation, and the procedure is very simple: Continue reading Decompiling a executable blender file – BGE

Easy Game – Addon for Blender

An Addon By Mpan3 in which you can archieve some nice effects in a very easy way, like reflections, post processing among others.[cml_media_alt id='2082']easy[/cml_media_alt]

Video here:


Below the author´s description:

Easy Game for Blender Game Engine

Easy Game is a collection of tools that allow you to work faster and more efficiently with the Blender Game Engine. It is made up of two components:

Easy Material

Easy Material creates physically-plausible photorealistic material templates(called uber materials). All you have to do is load in the appropriate textures to fill the slots. No more fiddling with materials and texture settings! The materials created by Easy Material are PBR compatible, so you know they’ll look great in any lighting condition. Easy Material supports Diffuse map, Normal map, Gloss/Specular Map, Light map, and Environment Reflection Map. With the right texture packs, Easy Material can make any solid surface look spectacular! The materials created are useable in the Game Engine as well as Blender Render. Textures not included.

Easy Asset

Easy Asset helps you create common game assets such as first-person camera, day-night light cycle, and post-processing effects with just one-click. This way, you can start a project at turbo speed! The created assets as fully configurable from the Blender Properties Editor or Logic Editor.

Blenderartist thread here

Buy here $5,99


Price has changed since 20 may 2015, now you can get it for $29.99 , and it seem to be getting more expensive as more features are added, so if you need this, grab your copy before it gets more expensive :)

Pixelate Shader – Blender game engine

Some weeks ago was released an addon to make renders like pixel art (pretty neat by the way) and soon in every game development community (in which I’m subscribed) there were people talking about how good is the addon and how much this improves the process of making decent pixel art assets. Continue reading Pixelate Shader – Blender game engine

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