Making a touch control stick for being used in the blenderplayer for android

After a while of being testing the blenderplayer for android, I came up with an improvement for the control stick, the first one has very few steps so the control is kind of limitated and maybe slow, and could be easily done as a “game pad”, not as a directional stick.

This second approach is a bit more complicated but at the same time it has some shortcuts to avoid the extensive use of logic bricks. So I came up with the idea of dividing in four areas (quadrants) then make all the programming to control the positioning of the stick accordingly to the mouse position, and when the mouse is over another quadrant then I rotate the entire map that contain the mouse position used by the stick. Maybe sounds kind of tricky.. and again I know this is not the best way to do it but since I’m not very familiar with python I decided to make it with LB, besides it is faster for prototyping and  kinda of funny because (at least for me) is like playing with a puzzle.. any way..

Here is a animated gif showing it basis function:


Sample blend fire will be here soon :)

Testing Blender player for Android

This is my humble test with the old (and I think “deprecated” at this time) BlenderPlayer for Android. I never had a chance to give it a try because I haven’t had  a device running android with some 3d support (just a small Mini Pc running android, but wasn’t enough). So this time I decided for a cheap tablet I saw in a store (Lenovo A1000), not a great one but this one has every thing I need to make my test, besides it runs quite decent some games (like Dead Trigger 1 and 2 and  others.. in a few words.. it does the job.

Mi first test was about shader capability, I’ve never tested before so it was one of my first concerns. The result was good enough, I used my Guillotine model running the player with 1024×1024 dif, spec and normal maps, it worked well but at the end I decided to use maps with fewer resolution and bit depth in order to increase performance.


Model with Dif, Spec and Norm

Second test was for logic bricks, what is implemented and what is not? don’t know yet.. but as far as I can see we have plenty of LB supported compared with the first blenderplayer released, so further review needs to be done in order to get results.


Regarding exercises, my first goal was to make the virtual controls on screen, and It worked.. but since we are using imput from keyboard and mouse, it seems not to be enabled for multi-touch, so.. yea.. no multi-touch here :( maybe a different method is needed, or maybe it is not supported… I need to read more about it, but since the project stopped I don’t know if it worth to invest time on this subject.



Anyway, I know there is a game demo (pin ball) out there and looks quite decent, so I still think that is’s quite usable to make something interesting despite everything.

Here are some videos running my test with the blender player in the tablet, nothing too fancy, but here is it.


Looking for it..

While looking for a specific addon for a task I was doing, I found “Project Timer”, it is really handy, and you can keep track of your time working on certain assets or models, really helpful when working under some agile development metodology, It would be really nice to have it when I was working as freelancer in the past, because some times I tend to forget to make time anotations to keep a record with my scrum hours, just a thought..

Get the addon here.