Video tutorial – Pillar

Here another video I recorded  while I was making a basic 3d pillar in blender, this was for a Brazilian friend who wanted to see the full “making of”, it’s not perfect because it was made in about one hour and easily with a few more time could have better details and textures and model.



Screenshots here:

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Videotutorial – Emissive Maps

After receive some other questions about emissive maps in blender, I did this small videoutorial demonstrating the way I use to do it, hope it helps to anyone interested.

In case you don’t know what is an emissive map, read this:

An emissive map uses colours to simulate a glowing effect within the texture. The effect of an emissive map does not go beyond the limits of an object, and therefore cannot be used to generate glows around the rest of the scene or the surrounding objects.  (Autodesk Wikihelp)


How to´s – Light setup, mist settings and 2DFilters

Leer en español aquí

Some people asked me about what technique did I use in my fly thru/walk thru of my projects in the Blender Game Engine, so that’s why this video. This is how I do my light setup in blender, settings in mist to simulate “haze” effect and 2DFilters and shaders. In this video I’m making a small and primitive level and I didn’t take care about UV’s optimization and other things because I’m focusing on demonstrating the way I use to.

Some facts:

  • Why I didn’t use “Light map UV pack” ?? – That is because it take into account non square polygons as square polygons, hence a lot of image distortion is generated. I don’t like that 🙂
  • Why did I left empty spaces in UV maps? – This is just a practical example, I didn’t focus in optimization, but you should use wisely all you maps 😉
  • What about 2D Filters and shaders, where can I get it? – Look for it in, I usually use SSAO, retinex and bloom in my scenes, there is a version for 2.49b and the new stable releases.
  • Mist in world buttons seems to don’t have exposure controls (as 2.49b does) so expect different results in both versions, I will ask Ton for that :/
  • Why two lights on scene? – I use one of them as the light sun, the second one as bounce light and a third light would be nice, just try for yourself 🙂
Video here:

If you want to use Multitexture instead of GLSL, follow this tutorial

Hope you find this usable, if still having some questions feel free to comment here 🙂

Get the blend file here.