How to’s – multitexture instead GLSL

Almost the same of the tutorial “How to´s – Light setup, mist settings and 2DFilters” but this time we  use Multitexture instead of GLSL



 Some one asked me about how to get the same look of an example in GLSL but with Multitexture, and here is how I do

  1. Do it in the same way as if you want to do it with GLSL in your objets.
  2. Once it is ready, wich in this case are the cube buildings and the ground, select the buildings enter in edit mode and add a new texture in the UV Image editor.
  3. Go to render buttons, then go to Bake Tab and select from the drop down menu “Full Render” and press it. A new image with all the details (texture and shadows) will be generated, then save it to a game folder.
  4. Repeat the same but now with other models, like the ground.
  5. Once finished, delete all materials from objects.
  6. Add new materials to each objetc (buildings and ground) and then put the textures, and don’t forget to set up the correct UV coordinates.

Tha’ts all

Youtube video here, watch in HD:

Feeling a bit lazy? then grab the blend here.

don´t know if there is a better way to do it, but if so, please comment 🙂

Some of the best works of our trainee guys

This are image renders of three guys (15-17 years old, with no 3d knowledge in any app) that have started a three month training at work, this is the fourth (and last) exercise:


CGT-Woodchest -  11 29 12


Now is time to check out their organic skills, and push them to improve them.

Most of the guys have completed the four exercises, each one with a little more quality in the process, if you want to see the full threads on each exercise please go to the CGTrain forum, the feedback comments and overall the forum is in spanish.

Direct link to training section here:,10.0.html

Just in case you ask yourself about CGTrain, well.. this is a forum that I mounted to help other guys to improve their skills on every manner we can according to our experience, as well as to post some of our work in personal projects.

If you want to join, feel free to do it!



Good bye 2012!


This is the last post of the year first post of the year (lol), It’s has been a while since I start with the blog (2006 aprox, thanks to my brother who started with the domain) so I just wanted to thank everyone who came here and put a comment, or not! 🙂 but I hope that you can find something that may help you in the journey of learning something new or useful here.

Also I want to thank the people who helped me in my journey.

See you next year Happy new year!, my best wishes!

S. Mata.

(time to go sleep… or not?)