Blender – SK

If you use Blender and like  the shortcut key operation and at the same time you are a Unity game developer, then this Unity Plug-in will fit your needs and improve the efficiency of your Unity operation.

Some operation was partially modified because of a shortcut key conflict.

Alt + G:
Reset Object Position to (0,0,0)

Alt + S:
Reset Object Scale

Alt + R:
Reset Object Rotation

Shift + A:
Easy to create new object to Scene on 3DCursour position,like blender

Shift + S:
Snap Menu

Shift + Z:
Move Camera to SceneViewer Position

Ctrl + Shift + LMB:
Set 3DCursour Position

Selected objects + P:
et Parent

Shift + X:

Preject Menu:

PrefabLib – Set Prefab Target : Set prefab save path
PrefabLis – Set Prefab to Lib : Add prefab to lib

Download the files grom the Blender-SK page.

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