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PixaFlux – PBR Texture Composer

PixaFlux™ is a powerful PBR Texture Composer that allows you to create, bake and apply any texture onto your models in an instantaneous way. The power of a node-based editor combined with the efficient...


2D Filter – Brigtness and Contrast

Another filter by Nicholas_A from the BA forums in wich you can adjust the brigthness and contraste in your game. Just add the logic brick setup and select the file with the code and execute. Change...


2D Filter – LSD

Here is a LSD filter by Nicholas_A from the BlenderArtist forums. This filter is a nice resource if you need some kind of drug effect (like alcohol, or any other drug), the only indication for use...

Controlling motion blur – test 0

Controlling motion blur – test

Here is the improved version with selective motion blur, which means that the more agressive camera rotation, the more agressive will be the applied motion blur. Also if camera movement is a bit slow,...

Testing Controlled Motion Blur (with mouse move) 0

Testing Controlled Motion Blur (with mouse move)

A small test about motion blur like in modern games, maybe detecting mouse speed will help to put more motion blur when mouse move is more agressive, will try later.

GameBoy-like Old-School 2D Filter – By TwisterGE 0

GameBoy-like Old-School 2D Filter – By TwisterGE

Here is an 2DFilter  (to be used in the Blender Game Engine) in wich you can achieve a interesting GameBoy style. Look at the picture below: