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Controlling motion blur – test

Here is the improved version with selective motion blur, which means that the more agressive camera rotation, the more agressive will be the applied motion blur. Also if camera movement is a bit slow,...

Study & Sketch – by 3DMondra 2

Study & Sketch – by 3DMondra

Hi, a friend of mine has started a project about a “Pose Art Reference” app (alpha version, still a lot of work to do) in wich you can choose from a pose library the...


Working with poses

I’m working with a female model, first thing to do was the rig, and then several pose sets. This will be used in a new online app, more info soon. Here are some animated...

Oxygen Cart 0

Oxygen Cart

Avaliable soon in the store


Jerrycan prop

Jerrycan asset avaliable in the CGTrain store Blender 2.75 Photoshop CS2 MindTex 2.0


Pixelate Shader – Blender game engine

Some weeks ago was released an addon to make renders like pixel art (pretty neat by the way) and soon in every game development community (in which I’m subscribed) there were people talking about...