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Better Bloom Filter w/ Down Sampling & Lens Flares By kitebizelt

You already know about the common bloom 2DFilter for the blender game engine (if not, check out this post), and the main difference with this version of kitebizelt is that only the objects with saturated colors are going to be affected by the bloom effect.

Here is the author description:

We all know bloom is a filter that makes some area/objects looks more glowy, and BGE already got that, but here comes some problem:

  • The bloom filter on BGE sometimes blooms objects/areas where do we dont want
  • Really FPS consumtive

So I thought why not make a better bloom filter?

  • Less FPS consumtive
  • Selective Bloom


  • Some artifacts on non-bloom objects
  • I don’t know why but its 1 frame behind… bge.logic.NextFrame() doesn’t work

So, once I get the demo file I tested it on a demo level of mine, and there is the result:

I really liked, but it has some troubles with lamps/shadows, maybe my mistake don’t know, but it worth the try.

Here is the post in BlenderArtist

I’ve made a copy of the files, you can get it here or in the BA post mentioned above.



Solving issues

[cml_media_alt id='2065']tuneltest[/cml_media_alt]

Now that we are in the phase of level building and prop placement, we were making some test of performance and noticed that some “big” models cause some FPS drop, so decided to keep on eye on it to solve it. In this case the tunnel was one of them, we got a 30 FPS drop from the original performance (60 fps) when we entered on it, now it is solved, and ready to be integrated in the level.

The problem was as follow: we have more than 30 objects using the same material, what means 30 draw calls, wich represent a lot more work. So to solve this we only collapse that 30 objects (lamps) into a single one.

comments and criticism are wellcome.

Zero Consequences + 2DFilters

Aqui una imagen de uno de los niveles para el intento de jueguillo que he estado haciendo desde hace tiempo, la imagen tiene un postproceso en tiempo real o Filtros2D que entre otras cosas hace MotionBlur, blur, invert colors,etc. Y tiene uno brick en el que podemos poner scripts customizados.

Aqui una prueba con un script para aplicar glow y un gausian blur en tiempo real.

Zcon Bloom

Después pondré otras imágenes y otros scripts que he modificado para otros efectos 😉