Category: Blender


Godot Game Tools – GGT

A blender add-on that contains tools to ease the creation/import process of assets into Godot Game Engine and others. Available Features  – Batch Animations Bake In A Single File – Character Armature Clean and...


BxMouse – Multi Screen Tool by Doc_Holiday

From the author’s post in BA forums: Hello Friends. I am still playing with UpBGE, and noticed that my BxMouse Programm did not work property with UpBGE. Time for an Update. This is a...


Uchronia Project Blender Game Engine – UPBGE

UPBGE (Uchronia Project Blender Game Engine) is a fork of Blender created by Porteries Tristan (a Blender Game Engine developer) and some of his friends in September 2015. It’s an independent branch, and its...