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Gamemaker vs Godot – Comparision

If you don’t know about Godot and are looking around for an alternative to Unity or Gamemaker, then this comparision will turn interesting for you. When comparing GameMaker: Studio vs Godot, the Slant community...


TileMancer – Procedural 2D tile creator

Tilemancer is a quick procedural tile creator designed for pixel-art games. Perfect for game jams, prototypes, texture mods, and more. Maybe you will be interested in Crocotiles and SpryTiles too. You can design tiles using...


Tiled2Unity – Unity 3D

From the page:   Tiled2Unity is the best way to get Tiled Map Editor assets into your Unity project. It strives to support all the features of Tiled including all map types (Orthogonal, Isometric, and Hexagonal), animations,...