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Crumb-FX – Explosion bitmap renderer

Crumb-FX is an on-line tool for making several kinds of texture tile sheets for your games, like explosions, blood stains, smoke, etc. Nothing more to say but, this is a very useful tool for...


Vaporize FX – UPBGE by BluePrintRandom

Here is another nice resource from our friend BluePrintRandom from Blenderartist forums. This blend file showns his method to achieve vaporize effect in the UPBGE (not BF-BGE) and it looks very cool, don’t you...


Sun Flares – UPBGE / BGE Blend file

From Blenderartists, adriansnetlis wrote : Hi! youle did recently convert this to BGE 2D Filter system. I fixed several issues and improved it. Use mouse to look around. In the script you can adjust...