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Tomato Jones – Review

Another game made in Blender is out! The name of this game is “Tomato Jones“, a game by Haidme, so click in the read more link to start reading!


Revisión del actuador Mouse

Si eres un entusiasta del uso del motor de juegos de Blender (BGE) te habrás dado cuenta de la inclusión en el pasado release del nuevo actuador Mouse / Look en blender. Este nuevo...


Reviewing Mouse Actuator in Blender

If you are a Blender Game Engine (BGE) enthusiast, you may have noticed in the past releases the inclusion of the new Look mode in  the “Mouse Actuator“. This new mode is going to be really...


MindTex Review

It’s been a while since I bought my MindTex license (it was in 9/6/12), so this time I’m going to talk about this cheap and useful application. Here is the original overview from the web...


Scanning with Skanect and Kinect

Some months ago I had an assignment at work related to 3D scanning, and to do this obviously we needed a 3d scanner. At work we have the Konica Minolta 9i Vivid (and the Microscribe...


Testing Blender player for Android

This is my humble test with the old (and I think “deprecated” at this time) BlenderPlayer for Android. I never had a chance to give it a try because I haven’t had  a device...