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BlenderPlayer for Android – Test files


Here is the link to get the files that I’ve made for my testing purposes with the blender player for android mentioned in this post, In case of you want to have a look at it.

In case you need the blenderplayer for android, download it from here

Just in case you need this, here is a tutorial about making a FPS template from scratch using the Mouse Look actuator.

Light setup FIX

A bit of inactivity over here I know, but it is due to my work, in wich I’m working with other people making some kind of serious game with blender and Unity, maybe when finished I’ll post a play test video if I am allowed to, we hope to finish in the near days.


Ok, but now in this case I was working tonight in the light fix for the S3NRO3 project, because the last video showing the small building it loooks a bit green/brown everything, so I fix that and making more vivid colors and warm style like the other videos.

BTW, some people asked me some things related to techniques and “how to’s” related to my work in this personal project, so I started working to in a small tutorial showing how I made the light setup and filters that I use, as well as the world settigns in blender.


Solving issues

[cml_media_alt id='2065']tuneltest[/cml_media_alt]

Now that we are in the phase of level building and prop placement, we were making some test of performance and noticed that some “big” models cause some FPS drop, so decided to keep on eye on it to solve it. In this case the tunnel was one of them, we got a 30 FPS drop from the original performance (60 fps) when we entered on it, now it is solved, and ready to be integrated in the level.

The problem was as follow: we have more than 30 objects using the same material, what means 30 draw calls, wich represent a lot more work. So to solve this we only collapse that 30 objects (lamps) into a single one.

comments and criticism are wellcome.