Fake refraction with nodes in realtime- by John Hamilton


The past days I saw an interesting tutorial about faking refractions with nodes in the BGE, I found this tutorial so amazing that I decided to get into node editor more frequently.

So.. I tried out the tutorial and I modified a little some settings and so on, and this was my result.

And here a very simple test, but this time with some real time reflection map using the same technique to achieve the reflection distorted, but the water effect isn’t so good.

And as I said.. this was my first time using the nodes (yes.. shame on me) but I gonna use it more, for sure.

Here is a creen capture of the node group, just in case you need it! if this is your first time with nodes, maybe this would help, I gess 🙂


And here is the blend file

Thanks to John Hamilton for the tutorial 🙂

Read about the tutorial here:


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