How to’s – multitexture instead GLSL

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  1. kadamati says:

    Hi friend, it looks really amazing in your tutorial! Both in multitexture and GLSL. But I did not quite understand how to activate those effects. I downloaded the multitexture file, and there, in the script editor, i saw many choices like barrel, bloom, distort, light scattering etc. But I don’t know about how to use them (I am bad at scripting). When I press P, i don’t see any effect. Can you please explain a little to me?

    • SMata says:

      Hi Kadamati

      Well, first of all you need the latest version of blender, and I’m quite sure that you already have it installed.. so the problem is maybe, as far as I understand, how to activate the scripts, and that is really easy, just look for and empty object in the Outliner named “FX”, this empty has all the logic bricks used to activate each “2D filter” or scripts, so Take a look there.. you will see that each filter has a keyboard sensor to be activated.

      Try with keys from 1 to 0, and for other filters try with some letters, I cannot remember a this moment wich one is, but give it a try

      • kadamati says:

        hi SMata,

        thanks very much for the quick reply. I found the empty object, FX, and saw all the keyboard shortcuts associated with it. But still i can’t see the effects in game mode (in multitexture file).

        I can roam around the world using W, S, D and A. But nothing happens when I press 1, 2, 3, Up, Down, etc. I am using
        Blender 2.68 (r58537).

        By the way, I don’t have GLSL support with my built-in graphics card. Hence downloaded the multitexture version. Will that be an obstacle?

        • SMata says:

          Mmm… let’s see..

          Have you ever take a look into the blender console? (Window / Toogle system console) maybe you can see if there is an error, maybe if you don’t have support in your graphic device it will be shown there

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