Light setup FIX

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3 Responses

  1. Jair Carlos de Oliveira says:

    Very good your work!!

    Wath about ‘making off’ of light setup, is expected to launch?

  2. Salvador Mata says:

    Thanks Carlos

    Yes, in fact I was working in some video tutorials but suddenly I got a HDD (“AHCI Port 1 Device Error”) error :S and I at this time I haven’t recovered my lost data files

  3. Salvador Mata says:

    I’ve just finished another video… a bit basic but it is really simple how to archive something similar to my examples. In the video tut you will see how I do a very primitive level (boxes and planes) how to bake AO and shadows and material set-up, then how to use “mist” to archive “haze” effect over the building or far objects, and of course what kind of shaders and 2d filters I use.

    The video is about 30 minutes and 350Mb, so I will upload it maybe this night.. if not I’ll have to wait until I’m at worl (better internet connection).

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