Planar reflections in the BGE

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  1. ok, thanks
    third is only one really clear (of course…)

    second method seems good enough but video quality is too bad to understand steps… (It’s no clear how get video-reflection to use in texture)

    monster works seems great! (I already saw that) … but there are no step by step tutorial for a beginner.

    so, good start, now I’ll try to create some useful tools for beginner

    • Mata says:

      Yes, first two methods are not so friendly for newcomers or non programer people, altough Monster modules are quite more easy to understand.

      Anyway, maybe with some environment / reflection maps you can get some interesting results, not every game uses realtime reflection maps because are gpu expensive

  2. Pier Carlo Ricci says:

    ok… perfect mirror solved… z-transparent is a good solution in some cases… and I agree on real high quality reflection shader (They are too much “professional” in this fase but a good example of possibilities targets)..

    now I try to create a simple cube mapping projection… I search a lot but I can’t find a working method.
    this is best tutorial but also his sample file doesn’t works

    I able to create cube map source image and save it in .png but I can’t find a working python shader to apply … this is very frustrating…

  3. Yes, of course, BPCEM shader seems really great! I’ve been working days on this file to extract a generic python shader to reuse but nothing… it’s too much complex for me.

  1. May 21, 2015

    […] Addon By Mpan3 in which you can archieve some nice effects in a very easy way, like reflections, post processing among […]

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