Rise of Nation import/export – Blender Addon

A Blender add-on to import and export Rise of Nations BigHuge3D mesh, UVs, skeleton, and BigHugeAnimation files.

In order to best use this add-on, you’ll neeed to keep these tips in mind:

  • Bones are connected to vertices through vertex groups.
  • Each vertex can only be controlled by one bone (no blending).
  • When animating, it is best to use 30 FPS.
  • Bones should be animated using quaternion rotation.
  • The file format does not support bone scaling.
  • To export a mesh, select the object containing the mesh, and use the export BH3 function from the File menu.
  • To import/export an animation, select the object containing the armature, then use the import/export BHA function from the File menu.
  • Animations can only be applied to armatures with the same exact skeleton hierarchy as in the animation file.

Get this addon here

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