Sprytile – Tile Maps for Blender

Sprytile gives Blender tile editing tools! The ease of creation with tile maps, combined with the power and flexibility of your Blender workflow.

Sprytile helps turn 2D tile sets like this

Into 3D worlds like this


Sprytile Features

  • Tile building: build your mesh directly with tiles, skip tedious UV mapping while quickly rotating and flipping tiles.
  • UV painting: create your mesh with other Blender tools, then quickly UV map them to your tiles. Spend less time in the UV editor.
  • Pixel grid tools: keep your mesh aligned to the grid with pixel translation, move vertices around with confidence.

Sprytile is an open source project and can be freely downloaded. Any support you give will help further the development of Sprytile and is much appreciated!

More info here!

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