3d art

Some of the best works of our trainee guys

This are image renders of three guys (15-17 years old, with no 3d knowledge in any app) that have started a three month training at work, this is the fourth (and last) exercise:


CGT-Woodchest -  11 29 12


Now is time to check out their organic skills, and push them to improve them.

Most of the guys have completed the four exercises, each one with a little more quality in the process, if you want to see the full threads on each exercise please go to the CGTrain forum, the feedback comments and overall the forum is in spanish.

Direct link to training section here:


Just in case you ask yourself about CGTrain, well.. this is a forum that I mounted to help other guys to improve their skills on every manner we can according to our experience, as well as to post some of our work in personal projects.

If you want to join, feel free to do it!