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2D Filter – Brigtness and Contrast

Another filter by Nicholas_A from the BA forums in wich you can adjust the brigthness and contraste in your game. Just add the logic brick setup and select the file with the code and execute. Change...


Flower Cart – Game Ready Asset

This asset is a must in your urban scenario to add more atmosphere in your game. It comes with several objects as: Chairs, bench, tables and flower post so you can use it in different ways....


2D Filter – LSD

Here is a LSD filter by Nicholas_A from the BlenderArtist forums. This filter is a nice resource if you need some kind of drug effect (like alcohol, or any other drug), the only indication for use...


Tomato Jones – Review

Another game made in Blender is out! The name of this game is “Tomato Jones“, a game by Haidme, so click in the read more link to start reading!

Controlling motion blur – test 0

Controlling motion blur – test

Here is the improved version with selective motion blur, which means that the more agressive camera rotation, the more agressive will be the applied motion blur. Also if camera movement is a bit slow,...