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Having troubles animating objects and materials to be used in the BGE?

How do I animate (and control) materials and objects in the BGE?

——————-Material animation in lights and bullet impacts——————–

This was a question I recieved some days ago by my interns, and to be honest I never thougth about animating materials recently in the BGE, at least I did not in my past projects, although I already knew that it is possible but the fact that blender automatically names the animations makes a bit hard at first to understand, and also when you are working with more animation layers in the logic bricks to handle different animations. So that’s why I wrote this post about material animation in BGE.

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Better Bloom Filter w/ Down Sampling & Lens Flares By kitebizelt

You already know about the common bloom 2DFilter for the blender game engine (if not, check out this post), and the main difference with this version of kitebizelt is that only the objects with saturated colors are going to be affected by the bloom effect.

Here is the author description:

We all know bloom is a filter that makes some area/objects looks more glowy, and BGE already got that, but here comes some problem:

  • The bloom filter on BGE sometimes blooms objects/areas where do we dont want
  • Really FPS consumtive

So I thought why not make a better bloom filter?

  • Less FPS consumtive
  • Selective Bloom


  • Some artifacts on non-bloom objects
  • I don’t know why but its 1 frame behind… bge.logic.NextFrame() doesn’t work

So, once I get the demo file I tested it on a demo level of mine, and there is the result:

I really liked, but it has some troubles with lamps/shadows, maybe my mistake don’t know, but it worth the try.

Here is the post in BlenderArtist

I’ve made a copy of the files, you can get it here or in the BA post mentioned above.



My first BGE project, 13 years ago!

13 years ago (time flies) I decided to start a project,  which I guess can call “my first BGE project“, It was with blender 2.31 (maybe..) and it was very limited in features compared with actual versions of blender, just to mention one of them, in terms os graphics, there was only “single texture” mode for geometry, very basic physics. and well, I just feel kinda happy after seen this old video (I’ve found many videos of different old projects, but I’ll publish later), so, here is it! just for the record!

Unity – Skill game | An old game project

This is a very old game project we did almost 8 years ago! (time flies…) and I’m gonna put here again just in game some of my new visitors do not know about it, but first some history about this project!

This game is based in a real 3d puzzle made of soft plastic, and the main goal is to make a cube out of this little pieces, as shown in the image below:


For this game demo we decided to use Blender 2.41x (no official version) just because the official version didn’t work, as strange it sounds. Continue reading