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Working with sprite animations BGE – UPBGE

Lots of GIF images, give it some tome to load on slow connections We all know that the BGE (Blender Game Engine) has some tools to achieve animated textures, but the problem is that...


Vaporize FX – UPBGE by BluePrintRandom

Here is another nice resource from our friend BluePrintRandom from Blenderartist forums. This blend file showns his method to achieve vaporize effect in the UPBGE (not BF-BGE) and it looks very cool, don’t you...


Sun Flares – UPBGE / BGE Blend file

From Blenderartists, adriansnetlis wrote : Hi! youle did recently convert this to BGE 2D Filter system. I fixed several issues and improved it. Use mouse to look around. In the script you can adjust...