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My first BGE project, 13 years ago!

13 years ago (time flies) I decided to start a project,  which I guess can call “my first BGE project“, It was with blender 2.31 (maybe..) and it was very limited in features compared with...


Profile Stats – What They Mean? UPBGE/BGE

If you are wiling to make games with the UPBGE/BGE and already have some knowledge to make some game prototypes that seem to work well, but as soon as you start to grow your...


UPBGE Bloom Shader

From author’s post in Blender Artist forums: BluePrintRandom asked me to convert this shader (https://www.shadertoy.com/view/lsBfRc 39) to run in UPBGE. Original shader from shadertoy: Bloom.blend 25 (92.1 KB) Modified shader using rendered screen result:...