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Sinistria – Chapter One

From the development team on itch.io page: We are Live on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/clawsdev/sinistria?ref=nav_search&result=pr… Let’s do it! The game centers on protagonist Nicolas Grey, a freelance painter, as he searches for his missing wife in...


RPG Paper Maker

From Itch.io author’s page: Making 3D games is too complex? RPG Paper Maker will simplify your work! RPG Paper Maker is a game making engine, free for non commercial use, allowing you to create...


Profile Stats – What They Mean? UPBGE/BGE

If you are wiling to make games with the UPBGE/BGE and already have some knowledge to make some game prototypes that seem to work well, but as soon as you start to grow your...