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After a while of doing nothing, here is the final guillotine in this picture and an embedded  sketchfab viewer with the model, and as I’ve mentioned before, it doesn’t look exactly the same as...


Xref scene updated

Here is the Xref scene updated made by Mondragon and me, I’m still tweaking the ilumination on this Now making Here is a small tutorial for a friend who asked me how to do something...


Gas Station

Gas station model for the S4NRO3 project . For free..! Video of this prop here ( a bit of quality loss because of file compression) Another video in an Xref level


Speed For Needed – a bad clone demo video

An  old NFS car game style usign logic bricks and basic modeling, and texturing ( no GLSL or multitexture) And well that’s it, I just wanted to show you how it ended up, still...


Old Video

Nothing new to write this time, but I came across with some of my old WIP videos. Here I was testing a new method to allow more geometry in the level, nothing very impressive,...


Southern Cross

Ese fue el nombre de un concurso de modelado poligonal, del cual me enteré y entré tres días antes de que finalizara. Para el concurso era necesario basarse en el Concept Art de Don Seegmiller, el...