Learning Blender and BGE by making an analog clock – tutorial

Making the analog clock in blender for beginers

Since I’ve been training interns here at work, I noticed that, for some reason, logic bricks seem quite dificult at first and a lot of interns ask me about a good tutorial. Then I point the students to a tutorial/video tutorial but the result is mostly the same, confusion about how to get things working with the logic bricks.

So I decided to write starting by the basis, just the way I learnt. And being said that, I do not consider myself as a “Logic Brick guru” but I find this kind of programing very interesting and fast, despite its own limitations. And also, this tutorial is going to be just like in the old times, you know.. now is very common to see every tutorial as a “video tutorial” in youtube, and this is great, but I firmly that many other topics are more easy to understand just by reading and looking at pictures.

So, asuming you don’t know much about blender and want to learn the basis of its Logic Bricks, continue reading! 🙂

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S4NRO3 Props – Blender

Here are some game props in what we have been working (mondragon , Madman and me) for a small project we have in our minds, nothing too fancy, nothing too realistic, just for the joy of doing it in our spare time!

Here are the images:

The progress of the work is in our forum, we work with SVN server and with some kind of relaxed SCRUM, just to track the project progress and keep us motivated 🙂



Volumétricos -tutorial para blender-

Ve el tutorial en español aqui

Pues hace ya un rato me encontré con un archivo de blender que había bajado hace tiempo atrás de centralsource, el archivo simulaba un fireball, pero en general la “cola” o estela que dejaba seguía siendo fuego, y en ningún momento había ese humo denso de la combustión. así que tomé ese archivo y me puse a analizar como estaba hecho el material para saber que podía hacer para lograr el efecto que buscaba. Al final obtuve resultados aceptables en cuanto al efecto volumétrico, y en las diferentes aplicaciones que se podían hacer, como fuego, humo y nubes 🙂 así como por algunas sugerencias que me hicieron, aquí está el tutorial 8) Continue reading