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From the itch.io page:


Tiled2Unity is the best way to geTiled Map Editor assets into your Unity project. It strives to support all the features of Tiled including all map types (Orthogonal, Isometric, and Hexagonal), animations, and collisions.

Tiled2Unity is designed to be easy to use. It builds prefabs for you, automatically, that can be dropped into your Unity scenes without any further modification. If special behavior is needed, Tiled2Unity supports Custom Importers that manipulate your prefab as part of the import process.

Tiled2Unity is fast. Tiles are combined into meshes and their colliders are combined into a much smaller number of PolygonCollider2D instances, keeping your GameObject count and overhead low while your game is running.

Tiled2Unity is always free. I believe in free software that helps people grow and achieve. However, if you enjoy this utility then a modest payment is always appreciated. (Low on funds? A kind word is always cool too!)

Tiled2UnityMac is now available. The Tiled2Unity utility is finally available as an app for Mac OS X users. Just unzip and drag into your application folder.

Note for Linux Users: Sorry, but the graphical interface is not supported on your platform. You’ll need Tiled2UnityLite — the command line version that uses CS-Script and Mono.

So, if you are a using unity and ever wanted something similar to do this kind of games, go get your copy today. It’s free but you can also show some support to the author by donating some amount of money so he can keep improving this usefull plug in.

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