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Some years ago I found a very tiny but yet interesting game maker for windows called ZGameEditor, and despite it’s simplicity it looks very interesting, and I recently gave it another try to see what’s new with it, and it’s still alive, at least the forum continues active despite the updates in the page dates from 2015.

Here are some of the features

ZGameEditor: 64kb game maker tool for Windows.

A tool for creating small arcade style games, demos and screensavers.


* Integrated developer environment where you build, preview and test your game
* 3d graphics components
* 2d game play components
* Import bitmaps to use as textures
* Import MIDI-files for music
* Import 3D-models from 3DS-files
* GLSL Vertex and Fragment shader support
* Scripting language
* Real time audio synthesizer
* Xml-based project files: only one file for each project. Easy to edit manually if needed.
* Creates stand-alone executable files that are only 64kb or less in size
* Create Windows screensavers
* Create animations to use in other applications (about-dialogs or splash-screens)
* FREE: Editor is freeware and the content you create can be distributed royalty free

What you can do with ZGameEditor:

  • Small retro style games like Space invaders or Pacman
  • Screensavers
  • Animations to use in other applications (see the About-box in ZGameEditor for an example)

And now there is a visualizer for ZGameEditor for FL Studio:

Yeah I know, maybe nothing compared with other Game engines or even Gamemakers out there in the market, but still looking interesting and also you can build for Windows, Linux and MAC.

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